How Much Are My Silver Coins Worth?

One of the most common questions people have regarding the their silver coins is how much are my silver coins worth?

In most cases, unless it happens to be a particularly rare coin, the worth of your silver coins is based on the pure base metal value that is in the coin. The calculations are determined by the current spot price of silver that day, the coin’s weight and the metal composition of that particular coin.

Beginning in 1794 with the minting of the first silver dollar, the United States Mint began making silver coins. Up until 1964, the percentage of silver in dimes, quarters and half dollars was 90%.
All Kennedy Half Dollar coins from 1965 to 1970 had 40% silver. As for silver dollars, the Eisenhower dollars that exist from 1971 to1974 with the S mintmark are also 40% silver in composition.Certain collector issue coins
Issued by the mint starting in 1982 up to the present may contain silver or have collector’s value.

From mid-1942 until 1945 Jefferson nickels contained 35% silver. They can also be bought for the silver melt value. These can be identified by a large P,D or S above the Monticello building on the back of the coin.

As for the more rare dates of silver coins, the following should be a general guide as far as which types and which dates of your silver coins are more valuable.

Barber Dimes

Rare dates are: 1894-S, 1895-O; Scarce dates: 1892-S, 1893-O, 1894-O, 1895, 1895-S, 1896-O, 1896-S, 1897-O, 1901-S, 1903-S, 1904-S, 1913-S

Mercury Dimes
Rare dates are: 1916-D; Scarce dates: 1921, 1921-D,

Roosevelt Dimes
There are no rare dates

Twenty Cent Pieces
Rare dates are: 1876-CC,1877,1878

Seated Quarters
Rare dates are: 1849-O, 1860-S, 1864-S, 1866-1869, 1870-CC, 1871-CC, 1871-S, 1872-CC, 1872-S, 1873-CC, 1879-1889

Barber Quarters
Rare dates are:
1896-S, 1901-S, 1913-S; Scarce dates: 1892-S, 1897-O, 1899-S, 1901-O, 1902-S, 1903-S, 1908-S, 1909-O, 1913, 1914-S

Standing Liberty Quarters
Rare dates are:
1916, 1923-S; Scarce dates: 1917-1924

Washington Quarters
Rare or Scarce dates are:
1932-D, 1932-S

Early Half Dollars Flowing Hair
All dates are rare

Bust Half Dollars Draped Bust, Small Eagle Reverse
All dates are rare

Bust Half Dollars Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Reverse
All dates are rare

Bust Half Dollars Capped Bust
Rare dates: 1815; Scarce dates: 1807-1817

Seated Half Dollars
1850, 1851, 1852, 1855-S, 1870-CC, 1871-CC, 1874-CC, 1878-CC, 1878-S, 1879-1890;
There are many other scarce dates

Barber Half Dollars
Rare dates: 1892-O, 1892-S, 1893-S, 1896-S, 1897-O, 1897-S
Scarce dates: 1892-1899, 1901-S, 1904-S, 1913, 1914, 1915

Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Rare dates: 1916-S, 1921, 1921-D; 1938-D

Franklin Half Dollars
No rare dates

Kennedy Half Dollars (Silver)
No rare dates

Early Dollar Coins

Early Dollars Flowing Hair
All dates are rare

Bust Dollars Draped Bust, Small Eagle Reverse
All dates are rare

Bust Dollars Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Reverse
All dates are rare

Gobrecht Dollars
All dates are rare

Seated Dollars
Rare dates: 1851, 1852, 1854, 1855, 1858, 1870-S,
1871-CC, 1872-CC, 1873-CC
Scarce dates: 1848, 1850, 1861, 1862, 1872-S

Morgan Dollars
Rare dates: 1885-CC, 1889-CC, 1893-S, 1894, 1895, 1895-S, 1903-O
Scarce dates: Any “CC” mint coin, 1893, 1893-O, 1895-O

Peace Dollars
Rare date: 1928; Scarce date: 1921

Eisenhower Dollars
No rare dates

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